Monday, April 5, 2010

This week

After the startling results of the last night of audio recording I am definitely wanting to continue with this method. I'm going to be leaving the recorder out again, and the debate over whether to use audacity to check for audio spikes still leaves me on the fence. It might make it easier to review hours of data but could also open the possibility of missing something subtle. Nevertheless I will be recording audio again this week, hopefully something will show up again.

I've also been giving serious thought to other methods of "communication" like leaving out a pen and paper, or more food, or something enticing. I've had great suggestions both here and on the paranormal boards and I will think of a way to put them together into an effective method that is inviting but not too obvious. The past week since my last post has been pretty mellow but there have been a few bizarre moments that leave me scratching my head. Unfortunately there would have been no way to predict their timing so they were not captured by any recording devices like I would normally try to do.

A couple days ago I stepped out onto the back steps and heard for just a second what sounded like whimpering, or crying. I've got to say I wasn't expecting that, and it's kind of disturbing to hear that coming from the woods. I said out loud something like "Hello? Is everything alright?" knowing that whatever it was probably does not speak English. Then nothing. Whatever was causing the sound stopped immediately and I didn't hear anything after that. I even went up in the direction I heard it and looked around (which would be directly into the woods, in the general direction of the ground tunnels) and there was nothing that caught my attention as being out of the ordinary. No movement, voices, or anything.

Last night I was actually woken up by what sounded like someone hacking up phlegm outside, I heard it once (which was what woke me up) then about 20 seconds later I heard it again. I was still fuzzy from waking up and it's one of those moments when you think "Ok, that was odd but maybe I'm just still half asleep."

As strange as those fleeting moments are, I try to save these updates for when I actually have some documentation to go along with it, but I figure it would be interesting to relay them to you anyway.


  1. Creepy as hell, brother.

    I honestly don't know how you can deal with these events without losing your head.

    Definitely, you're more of a man than most.

  2. Yeah I agree with Loki. The idea of gnomes is awesome but if I were in your shoes I'd feel a little afraid to sleep at night.

  3. Quite the radio-silence. I hope the Gnomes haven't stolen you in your sleep and carried you off into the woods.