Thursday, May 13, 2010

The next step

I'm trying to stay mentally positive as much as I can, a few days ago I had a bizarre dream about gnomes... something like I was driving with a couple friends in the car, and there was a gnome on the side of the road. I mentioned it to them and they laughed and didn't believe me, and refused to look back. Whenever I start feeling that way I just have to root myself in my activities to keep focused and not start thinking too much about things I can't control.

Today I was outside and heard like what I would call a "squeak" or some vocalization, but it struck me as being different than normal animal sounds like squirrels. I was in the driveway and heard it two or three times, and it's tough to know the direction when you can't see through the trees. It probably lasted a total of 10-15 seconds and that was the end of it. Every time I hear something like that I get shivers because I know something is there but I can't see it, and something about it is just off..that's the only way I know how to explain the feeling. Much like the old fashioned "It's quiet...yea, too quiet" sensation.

I wish I could predict this stuff each time it happened so I could be sitting there with a recording device, but obviously that's impossible. It can be frustrating nonetheless.

I'm thinking of the next most logical step to take in dealing with this, whether it's trying to collect more video and audio, or interaction again..hopefully not where my items get stolen. Next time I leave something out I'm going to be securing it somehow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's gone

Well, I go outside this morning to check out the clipboard and notice that it's totally missing. Along with the bench being pulled down on the far side.

I walked back a little from it and took another photo.

I've looked all around this area trying to see if it's halfway covered in the leaves, or if it's lying nearby and there's not a trace. It's surprising but not quite what I was hoping for.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The clipboard

As mentioned in a previous post I am trying something new, this evening I placed a clipboard on a bench with a simple hopes that something will use it to communicate. Now my first feeling is that the chances are very slim but it's a different approach, so I'll see how it goes.

I took some photos:

(The note that will probably not be understood if something ends up finding it)

(A view of the area around the clipboard)

Also notice that it's a neon green color to make it easier to spot if it gets moved or ends up on the ground. I'm going to be checking on this in the morning, fully expecting nothing to have changed but optimistic with the possibility. I also have been debating all day in my mind whether or not to leave out a camera all night...but finally decided that in order to do that I would have to leave it out, risking it being taken. Secondly it's not great at picking things up at night (as in some of the youtube videos), and thirdly the presence of a recording device is a major deterrent to anything that is conscious of being seen. The goal in this case is to make these things comfortable enough to interact with the clipboard.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Changing of the seasons

Since my last update I've done two audio analyzations with neither of them containing anything out of the ordinary. I was very careful about not accidentally looking over any sections and was very thorough, unfortunately things like that do not happen on cue and the time I captured sounds may have been an extreme case of luck. Either way I am not deterred in my efforts to keep trying, and am planning on using new methods that I'm working on that involve coaxing interaction (like the paper/pen method).

I have taken some photos of the forest to show the seasonal change compared to the winter-like scenery before in my videos. It's really thick and the ticks are out in full force.

(This is the area right beside the gravel driveway)

(This is about the same location the whistle I heard came from, behind this treeline.)

(Downhill in the direction of the ground tunnels that I've shown in the videos.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New audio review

More audio was recorded last night and will be analyzed, it took me longer than normal because I've been somewhat busy, there's been some more strange noises but not anything worth going into deep detail about. I'm hoping it yields something comparable to the other results, and isn't an impossible case of trying to capture lightning in a bottle twice.

I'll take some photos of how much the woods have changed since the last videos, there's thick leaf cover on the trees now and less visibility overall. I am also happy to say that I have not been carried off into the woods in my sleep just yet, as some of you may have been wondering.

Monday, April 5, 2010

This week

After the startling results of the last night of audio recording I am definitely wanting to continue with this method. I'm going to be leaving the recorder out again, and the debate over whether to use audacity to check for audio spikes still leaves me on the fence. It might make it easier to review hours of data but could also open the possibility of missing something subtle. Nevertheless I will be recording audio again this week, hopefully something will show up again.

I've also been giving serious thought to other methods of "communication" like leaving out a pen and paper, or more food, or something enticing. I've had great suggestions both here and on the paranormal boards and I will think of a way to put them together into an effective method that is inviting but not too obvious. The past week since my last post has been pretty mellow but there have been a few bizarre moments that leave me scratching my head. Unfortunately there would have been no way to predict their timing so they were not captured by any recording devices like I would normally try to do.

A couple days ago I stepped out onto the back steps and heard for just a second what sounded like whimpering, or crying. I've got to say I wasn't expecting that, and it's kind of disturbing to hear that coming from the woods. I said out loud something like "Hello? Is everything alright?" knowing that whatever it was probably does not speak English. Then nothing. Whatever was causing the sound stopped immediately and I didn't hear anything after that. I even went up in the direction I heard it and looked around (which would be directly into the woods, in the general direction of the ground tunnels) and there was nothing that caught my attention as being out of the ordinary. No movement, voices, or anything.

Last night I was actually woken up by what sounded like someone hacking up phlegm outside, I heard it once (which was what woke me up) then about 20 seconds later I heard it again. I was still fuzzy from waking up and it's one of those moments when you think "Ok, that was odd but maybe I'm just still half asleep."

As strange as those fleeting moments are, I try to save these updates for when I actually have some documentation to go along with it, but I figure it would be interesting to relay them to you anyway.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A rough interpretation (part 2)

This is the actual so-called transcript that was posted, although I have trouble making out any of these words when I listen to it myself. The original audio was slowed down somewhat to help make out the words:

"I did a little tinkering and it's still noisy. but you can hear it better now.

Warning the volume might be high. I took the first part where they talked and the last part. I'll write a transcript as best as I can.

Transcript part 1.
2 voices.

1: wooina Heii-nahta (emphasis on Heii)
2: woinette
1: hei nh *mumbles*

voice 1 drags his vowels out when he speaks. voice 2 speaks pretty fast.

part 2: (after the pause)
1: *angry mumbling - or possibly loud chewing* followed by "dajeega-gag"
2. "wajjejje"
1: "DAJEEGA-GAG. *some mumbling*

From what I can tell it seems to be the same two voices in both conversations. I can definitely recognise the deep one who later raises his voice - due to his distinct manner of speaking. The other one i THINK is the same but I'm not 100% sure. the voices seem to match though.

The fact that the deep one repeats himself louder shows that they do indeed speak and they have a language."