Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A rough interpretation (part 2)

This is the actual so-called transcript that was posted, although I have trouble making out any of these words when I listen to it myself. The original audio was slowed down somewhat to help make out the words:

"I did a little tinkering and it's still noisy. but you can hear it better now.

Warning the volume might be high. I took the first part where they talked and the last part. I'll write a transcript as best as I can.

Transcript part 1.
2 voices.

1: wooina Heii-nahta (emphasis on Heii)
2: woinette
1: hei nh *mumbles*

voice 1 drags his vowels out when he speaks. voice 2 speaks pretty fast.

part 2: (after the pause)
1: *angry mumbling - or possibly loud chewing* followed by "dajeega-gag"
2. "wajjejje"
1: "DAJEEGA-GAG. *some mumbling*

From what I can tell it seems to be the same two voices in both conversations. I can definitely recognise the deep one who later raises his voice - due to his distinct manner of speaking. The other one i THINK is the same but I'm not 100% sure. the voices seem to match though.

The fact that the deep one repeats himself louder shows that they do indeed speak and they have a language."


  1. I havent checked back for a few days, but dang am I surprised to see what you found.
    The distinctive patterns in the noises are really something.
    Our of curiosity, how far away would you approximate these sounds to be coming from?
    These wouldnt happen to be in the house would they?

  2. Wow!

    The interest has honestly exploded and shown positive.

    I was following along the commentary from everyone within the thread posted earlier. I just wanted to say that I have my concerns about you using Audacity to merely skim along and look for clear or subtle spikes. You could actually miss something quite fantastic!

    That's assuming that you do decide to do that. If anything I would encourage you to share the raw recorded audio file from your camera so that we could all lend a hand in reviewing if this proves too hassling for you at any given point in time.

  3. This is so awesome. Did you create an /x/ thread or somewhere else?

  4. There was a thread on there yesterday.

    Of which most of this interpretation was made, along with numerous suggestions and speculation. Also quite a bit of hilarity.

    I just love it when random people come along claiming to be experts in [insert topic subject here] and go on rants about their almost pious experience and expertise on the matter.

    Also: Sup Skuld? How are Urd and Virdandi doing?

  5. To Landy, just the impression I get from hearing it makes me think it's outside and not coming from in the house. If I had to guess the direction and location I would say it was coming from the edge of the woods near the driveway clearing. I can't say for sure though. I think if it was from inside the house it would have been even more muffled because of the sound having to travel through several layers of wall.

    To Loki, I too have concerns about just skimming the audio spikes in audacity, and I mentioned something like that in one of the threads. It's something that would have to be done carefully, and increases the chances of accidentally missing something that may only occur for a split second.

  6. I've gone through all of your footage and read through your findings so far and I must say I'm very interested to see this through. Loki introduced me to your blog and made me aware that you toss a thread on /x/ every now and again which I'll be looking for more frequently now. One question I do have relates to one of your Youtube videos that was more of a slideshow.. the pictures of the prints in the snow after a wooden spoon was removed from the sink. Do you have a doggy door of sort or some other method of entry into your home that they could have gone through? I was just confused as to how the gnome would have accomplished opening a door with a handle so high off the ground.
    Thanks for putting the blog up, I look forward to more information.

  7. Any updates? Been on pins and needles waiting for more.