Monday, May 10, 2010

It's gone

Well, I go outside this morning to check out the clipboard and notice that it's totally missing. Along with the bench being pulled down on the far side.

I walked back a little from it and took another photo.

I've looked all around this area trying to see if it's halfway covered in the leaves, or if it's lying nearby and there's not a trace. It's surprising but not quite what I was hoping for.


  1. Holyshit, you're gonna get raped.

  2. Well, damn. You should've tried it while there was snow so you could have examined tracks.

    You mentioned it was on a clipboard, so there's no chance that it blew away or something?

    Also maybe the gnomes didn't have a pen handy and took it with them to write something on it and return it to you, although the chances are slim I guess.

    I'm intrigued as to why they would take it with them, I thought they were into shiny and interesting looking stuff, but maybe they haven't seen a clipboard before so they deemed it interesting enough to take.

    You could try leaving another clipboard/paper out and maybe fasten it somewhere (maybe with a bike lock or something?), so they can't easily remove it.

  3. Glad I logged in today to look for any updates.
    I was going to suggest in the previous post that you should consider nailing down the notepad, or fastening it to something, but thought it would be silly.
    Now that its gone, I wish I had said something.
    Now that the weather is nicer, have you noticed the overall activity simmer down? Or have strange things still gone on around your place?