Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog background info

I guess if you just discovered this blog then I should explain some about what it's about, the people that already know this can just skip over it.

In a nutshell I've been experiencing some kind of bizarre activity where things go missing and wind up out of place, hearing sounds like chattering when I know that there is no one else around, seeing biped type movement that doesn't appear to be any common animal, and other oddities in general. I live in a very rural mountainous area and if ever someone would run into such phenomenon it would be here. When odd things happen I try to record it in some format and I have been posting it both on a paranormal board and now on YouTube.

This video below contains photos of a spoon that went missing from my home and ended up outside among strange tracks. You can read the video description or read in the channel info if you want to know more.

To visit the channel go to http://www.youtube.com/ImSeeingGnomes

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