Friday, March 5, 2010

Chatter followed by whistle

The last couple of days were fairly quiet, nothing much out of the ordinary happened at all. Well tonight that's not the case.

Around 12:35-12:40 I was winding down and was at the point where I could go to bed when I heard distinct voices through the wall coming from outside. When I say "voices" I mean plural, definitely more than one, and honestly I don't think they were talking in English. Also the speed was much quicker than what I'm used to hearing, I have to say I've never heard anything quite like that before. They peaked in volume after about 15 seconds then trailed off into silence. I immediately got the video camera, turned on the flood lights and quickly went out. I shot a few minutes of video scanning the wood line from standing on the front porch and the driveway, although it was very dark and not much of it is going to show up on video, but you can hear me talking.

I was extremely nervous and walked around to the back yard to listen and look, then after I heard nothing for a few minutes I turned the video off and was going to go in... not but a few seconds after the video went off there was a very loud whistle coming from the wood line. The type of whistle that is made to get your attention as if to say "Hey, you!", and it startled the heck out of me. I instantly turned the video back on and started recording again, this time from the back steps. It was too dark to see but you can still hear me talking, and I was straining to see where the source was or hear any movement in the woods.

After that I went in and grabbed the most convenient flashlight and went to the wood line to look, nervous and cold, but didn't see anything. At one point I thought I heard movement in front of me but I just chalked it up to already having my adrenaline pumping and nerves. The snow is mostly melted now so unfortunately there are no tracks to document this time.

Obviously with all the excitement I can't sleep right away...I'm just trying to let my mind come down from the experience. *Deep Breaths*

On another note, tomorrow I plan on going out for a few hours, and I intend to take photos of different areas and objects inside the house to compare them when I get back in case something gets displaced inside.

The videos I was mentioning earlier are still on my camera until I have a chance to upload them, for now I'm going to get some rest.


  1. Dude, leave the camera on all night. Or a tape recorder, OR SOMETHING.

    Get your mic, download Audacity, record all night. Review the next morning.

  2. I look forward to reviewing the footage :)

  3. Leave an offering on the steps, say a small bowl of Honey and milk.

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