Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A rough interpretation

Someone has been kind enough to make a rough transcript of what they think is being said, keep in mind this is only someone's interpretation. They also loaded the audio file into audacity to analyze the ups and downs on the graph and posted their results. This is a direct quote from an anonymous poster on the paranormal forums with an image from the audacity file:

"Well I didn't clean it up, just ripped the audio and put it in Audacity to see if the chatter stood out visually... I have to zoom in as much as I can on the narrow range around 0.00db to see it, but it definitely sticks out. I made a picture to show how the sound appears in Audacity, with little markers showing where things happen (the flat, uniform part making up much of the graph is general white noise, and the repeated clusters of three or four single spiked "lines" of loudness are the camera mechanically clicking):

From A to B: First quiet sounds of the weird chattering noises - like I said, the three spikes are camera noises. This first occurence doesn't stick out at all, really.

C: The chattering begins again, very quiet or far off. Again, still not very noticeable at all.

D: The chattering gets louder, and you can clearly see the volume starting to fluctuate up and down in range, in contrast to the flat areas of silence - it continues fluctuating like this until around I, when the chatter fades out.

E to F: The camera does its regular round of clicking noises, but the fluctuation is definitely different from the kind you see in the other click-sections, due to the chatter still going on. It's got a lot more tiny but lengthy spikes, apart from the standard three or four large short ones.

G to H: Can't miss that one at all. This is the loudest, most distinct mumbling of chatter in the video, and it's really obvious.

I to J: The chatter quiets back down to its previous level after H, but is still audible and noticeable up until the area of I through J, when the camera makes another set of clicks, which is for whatever reason softer and shorter than usual - I guess it's just going into a different type of operation or level of activity, since the next, final set of clicks is also quiet. Anyway, the chattering noises fade out during this set of clicks, and the audio level returns to flat silence.

tl;dr: It's somewhat subtle, not able to point out the quietest of noises (at least not at the timeframe magnification I had, which shows about 1 minute at a time), and it could still take OP quite a while to sift through a whole night of recording, but it's definitely possible to see instances of unusual sound, and would likely save OP loads of time, since he could find the times that would be most likely to reveal something with close listening."


  1. You mentioned in your thread you liked the idea of leaving a pen and some paper for the Gnomes. Are you attempting this any time soon? :3

  2. Leave a few friendly offerings over night, maybe some milk and honey or other small things to eat, biscuits, breads, fruits.

    Set up a motion activated camera watching the small offering.

    Preferably inside one of the doors the tracks lead to since it would be less noisy inside the house than outside at night.

    Try whistling in the same tone you heard the whistle maybe?

    Lay out a thin layer of flour on the kitchen floor to try and catch foot prints? or one of the rooms in your house that tends to have activity?

  3. Activity may possibly lessen as the weather begins to warm and it is easier for these creatures to find food sources and such naturally in the forest.
    Try to take advantage of the situation and tempt them into coming back by leaving them food.

  4. To Skuld, yea I plan on attempting the pencil and paper thing. I'm still thinking about the details of how to do it properly, I want it to be inviting but not obvious that I'm trying to force them into writing something.

    To Xadier, flour on the floor would be a good technique to use, and I've heard of that being used by paranormal investigators to catch footprints as you suggested. Hopefully I could do that without making a huge mess, I'm taking note of all these ideas.