Monday, March 8, 2010

From now on...

From now on I intend to pick a night of the week and leave a recording device on, I certainly wouldn't have time to review an entire nights worth of data every day or it would be like a full time job, but if I pick a particular night to leave it out I can review the evidence over the following days.

I've also been taking photos inside the house to compare when I return from being out, so if something is moved I will know it. Between these methods and just being aware in general, I think the odds of capturing something is greatly increased.

Also thank you to the person that suggested audacity, I actually have audacity already, but I have found the the computer microphone is not very good at picking up sounds that are delicate or at a distance. I will try to find something suitable for the job, believe it or not the audio recording mechanism in the digital camera works pretty well at that sometimes.


  1. Aww yeah!

    Now we're getting things started, buddy. Time to get us some gnomes!

    Godspeed, friend. Best of luck!

  2. If you got a spare digital camera that you got kicking around, but dont use, you could consider turning it into an IR camera.
    In your last vid where you went out into the woods, there really is no visibility to you or to us (via video).
    If you are interested, you could try:

    The instruction set is based mainly in pictures, but there are other sites out there that supplement the lack of step by step details.

  3. Thank you for the helpful article, I do have another digital camera and will see if I can get this to work.