Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update (March 16th)

I haven't made a post in days so I'm sure your wanting some new info, I have been pretty busy the past week or so, but I am planning on making another video to show you the rest of the ground tunnels on the property that you didn't see in the first one. These are farther into the woods and harder to get to.

As far as activity has been concerned, compared to the previous incidents it has been considerably mild, maybe a sound here or there that doesn't sound quite right...but my theory is now that I have been walking around with my digital camera and taking photos it's obvious to "them" what I am attempting to do. Thus prompting them to become more low-key, however I am prepared to record audio for several hours one night so that I can review it over a several day period.

I'd like to make it count though, and pick a night when I have either a gut feeling or hear something before hand, but of course it's not going to guarantee that I capture anything. I will be going to a Deerhunter concert Sunday night and will be absent for several hours, this might be a good time to attempt this.

I hope to record video of the other tunnels within the next couple days.


  1. Brother, I wish you the best of luck.

    I am always eagerly awaiting results and updates, may luck be with you.

  2. I'm checking everyday to see how it goes over at your place. It's a shame that /x/ is basically STILL /b/ at the moment. Best of luck to you, lucking forward to more updates.